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Du(o)ality is a choreographic work-research about the dark and light side of a personality. 

The original idea for Du(o)ality comes from deep personality research and observation of human behavior.

The thing that caught our attention is the duality of a person.

It is very inspiring for us how one can combine both beauty and ugliness, kindness and evil, light and darkness. Everyone has dark and light sides in his/her personality, but the balance always varies: it can go more to one side or to the other one. Every side has its own color and way of expression and it is not always obvious which side you are dealing with.

With Du(o)ality, we are translating this theme into a physical performance.

The team of Du(o)ality:

Choreographers and performers: Masha Zhukova and Liza Zhukova

Composer: Ezequiel Menalled

Costume designer: Min Li

Light designer: Varya Klosse

Project manager: Eline Hocque


Length: 25 mins

Premiere: 29 November 2020, Het Amsterdamse Theaterhuis, Amsterdam

Supported by NORMA Funds and Voordekunst

Special thanks to Henny Jurriёns Studio, B&T Financials and SBI YANAO “Regional Youth Centre”
*pictures by Liza Zhukova Photography

Du(o)ality Trailer

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