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Exploring Movement (EM) Method

EM method– is a method being developed by Masha Zhukova since 2017 and has shown high results since then.

It is based on guided improvisation and aims for the students to get the maximum comfort and understanding of their bodies in order to be able to use all the physical potential in movement in a healthy way.

EM Method helps the students to:

  • Get closer to inner-balance and comfort with body

  • Learn to use energy rationally and effectively while dancing

  • Find own self-interpretation of movement 

  • Improve tecchnique

  • Gain strength, articulation, find different qualities

  • Discover new levels and achievements

  • Enjoy dancing :)

For more than 7 years EM Method is helping dancers, singers, actors, public speakers, etc to achieve their professional goals. 

*EM Method suits any dance level: from professional dancers to non-dancers.

                  Feedback from EM Classes participants:

The class that Masha gives makes me feel more connected to my own body. She takes us on a journey, almost like a meditation. I immediately relax and go with her on a search through the movement within my body. In Masha’s way of improvisation she pushes us to find new things, to improve our quality and softness. Softness is an important part of Masha’s goals, and she will give tasks and tools to try to find it within yourself. With her help you discover your own body and capabilities, and Masha helps you grow.

Amber Didderen

Masha’s class has helped me not only to control my movements. She teaches you an amazing method but little did I know that her classes also help you to grow mentally. The way that she makes her students feel is incredible. I feel safe in her class.

Tony Etnel

Thank you so much for this year!! I wanted to personally thank you for the energy from your class, because off your class I became a confident in improvisation and really learned alot about my body. It doesnt matter how many years/times I will take your class, I will always learn something from you❤

Sofia Zapra

Masha's lessons have made me more aware of my own body. During the lessons, Masha creates a safe atmosphere in which she gives various improvisation assignments to explore your own body language. She will help you on your way during this investigation. The lessons are helping me to look for my own softness in my body and to experiment with different movement qualities. Every lesson I feel like I'm making new discoveries that are helping me feel more at home in my own body.

Madelein Beljaars

I've been following Masha's classes for almost three years now and I've grown so much. Her classes are such a warm and safe space for dancers. For me it really started to feel like coming home; coming home in this safe space, but also in my body.

There is no judgement in her classes. You can really be your own 'scientist' researching your body and its possibilities as a dancer.

Masha really knows the dancer's body and helps you discover these new possibilities.

Through movement meditation and guided improvisation in the classes you create such a good understanding of your body that will help you in every aspect of being a dance artist. You'll be softer, more aware and safer in your movement at the end of Masha's classes.

I've always really enjoyed these classes and recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better as a dancer and have fun while doing that!

Aimée Bakhuizen

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