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Exploring Movement (EM) Method

EM method– is a method being developed by Masha Zhukova since 2017 and has shown high results since then.

It is based on guided improvisation and aims for the students to get the maximum comfort and understanding of their bodies in order to be able to use all the physical potential in movement in a healthy way.

EM Method helps the students to:

  • Get closer to inner-balance and comfort with body

  • Learn to use energy rationally and effectively while dancing

  • Find own self-interpretation of movement 

  • Improve tecchnique

  • Gain strength, articulation, find different qualities

  • Discover new levels and achievements

  • Enjoy dancing :)

For more than 7 years EM Method is helping dancers, singers, actors, public speakers, etc to achieve their professional goals. 

*EM Method suits any dance level: from professional dancers to non-dancers.

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