Choreographed and performed

by Masha Zhukova and Liza Zhukova

INNER is a choreographic work-research. It is about the connection between a human being and nature in total, as well as about searching for the inner-animal which lives in every person, but sometimes we push this animal down, thus loosing the connection with the inner-self.

INNER is created in collaboration with International Contemporary Dance Festival CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva.

INNER got the Best Dancers Prize at International Contemporary Dance Festival CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva 2019.

Premiere: October 2019

             International Contemporary Dance Festival CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva

             Gogol Center, Moscow

INNER, ph by Masha Khutortseva
INNER, ph by M. Khutortseva
191009_context_ycc_rehearsal_by Natalia
191009_context_ycc_rehearsal_by Natalia
191013_context_ycc_highres_by Nikolay Kr
191013_context_ycc_highres_by Nikolay Kr
191010_context_ycc_by Natalia Voronova_0
*Photos by Natalia Voronova, Nikolay Krusser       and Masha Khutortseva

© 2020 by Masha Zhukova