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Intimate Portraits: Global Locals: Russia

Intimate Portraits is a series of performances that will take place on a monthly basis. During these evenings, the audience will have the opportunity to see special dance performances that reflect on the melting pot/salad bowl of Amsterdam residents. Each evening lasts about an hour and in most cases consists of two or three pieces that match the theme of the evening.

Masha and her sister Liza are presenting two of their pieces in the evening: INNER and TakeOver.


The piece INNER took the “Best Dancers Award” at the International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘Context. Diana Vishneva’ 2019 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. INNER was shown at COME TOGETHER #5 at Frascati Theater in March 2020. Masha and Liza were published in the April 2020 edition of VOGUE Russia.

The idea of the piece INNER originates in deep research of human personality. Before starting working on the creation in the studio Masha and Liza began with studying the ancient horoscopes, and came up with the decision that inside of every person there is an animal living with its own characteristics. This idea became an inspiration for the choreographers. INNER is a choreographic work-research. It is about the connection between a human being and nature in total, as well as about searching for the inner-animal which lives in every person, but sometimes we push this animal down, thus losing the connection with the inner-self. INNER is created in collaboration with International Contemporary Dance Festival ’Context. Diana Vishneva’ 2019. The composer is Ezequiel Menalled, and the light designer is Varja Klosse.

In the piece TakeOver Masha and Liza are researching the subject of power and influence between people as well as within an individual. How does power change our behavior? What happens when we feel being influenced from outside? Who gives the power to a person? How do we depend on each other in this power game? These questions give inspiration to Maria and Elizaveta and are considered in the context of this research and performance.

The premiere of TakeOver took place in August 2018 at Open Look Contemporary Dance Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia.

This version of TakeOver is a revised version.

INNER, ph by M. Khutortseva.jpg
a (6).jpg
*Photo by Anna Naglaya Photography
*Photo by Anna Naglaya Photography
*Photo by Masha Khutortseva

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